About Romédes Engineering

From knowledge to expertise

With Romédes you are always assured of a structural approach. Based on your question or problem, where initially the process is clearly defined, Romédes will provide a sophisticated solution. The solution can either include an effective redesign of an existing machine as well as a complete new concept.


Thinkers and creators

When you arrive at Romédes Engineering you immediately taste the informal business culture. Romédes works with a clear organisation structure where short communication lines are the base. You will notice this organisation structure. The excellent internal and external communication fully benefits the end result. At Romédes we consciously choose for a small scale set up. On the one side to ensure quality, on the other side to create an ideal foundation for ultimate customised work. Therefore, Romédes does not have the ambition to become the largest engineering firm but indeed the most prominent.



The personal involvement of all our employees is translated into a close partnership with you as client. Either in the shape of a substitute engineering department or as an extension of your company. You, as main pivot of the “Engineering Team” determines how you want it done. Trust, clear communication and sublime craftsmanship are central in this. So, does Romédes still have to tell you that “A deal is a Deal” is paramount to us?