Dosing system / Dosing machine

Dosing system/machine including warehouse


General information:

Realisation of a dosing system/machine (metering and mixing of multiple components) including warehouse.



  • The machine ensures that product-tray(s) inclusive products (from the warehouse) are supplied to the dosing-system.
  • Then each product-tray will be scanned by a barcode scanning-system. Afterwards the system will check the codes if they corresponds with the chosen software program by the operator (wrong matches are resulting in a return placement of the product-tray(s) into the warehouse).
  • Before the dosing-system (metering and mixing) starts filling the product(s), each product in the product-tray will be controlled individually by vision-technology.
  • If the positions are checked, each product will be (individually) provided with a compound (metered and mixed).
  • When the process is completed, the product-tray(s) will return back to the warehouse.


Capacity warehouse:

  • 140 tray(s)


Cycle time (depending on the product choice):

Configuration 1: product-tray with 20 products      Cycle time ± 4 minutes per tray
Configuration 2: product-tray with 25 products      Cycle time ± 4 minutes per tray
Configuration 3: product-tray with 50 products      Cycle time ± 4 minutes per tray


* Possible to add new product-concepts/configurations