Future perspective


Romédes Specials will provide you with high quality services. The motivation urge to supply quality is reflected in the composed vision, mission, strategy and objectives of the company.



‘’Romédes Specials strives for a continues and open relation with the customer, in order to achieve a good and stable cooperation and to ensure that the services comply with the mutual agreed requirements and expectations.”



‘’Romédes Specials strives for high quality and reliable solutions. The requirements of the customer are the principle for the end results during the complete process.”



Romédes Specials tries to accomplish the determined mission and vision by pursuing the following strategic action points:

  • To maintain continuous consultation with the end customer and accomplish associated agreements, in order to achieve the mutual agreed end result.
  • To create a reliable relation with the customer, so everyone has and maintains confidence in the cooperation.
  • To retain short communication lines with the customer to ensure that no information and/or requirements of the customer are being lost that can have a negative impact on the end result.
  • To provide input in the processes of the customer in order to increase the flexibility and competitive position of the customers by means of the provided service.



Romédes Specials strives to apply specialism in all provided services to the customers. By means of this objective the customer is served on several facets both short term as long term.


More information

In a personal conversation, we focus on how and with which means Romédes can be of service to you. Please contact us: an appointment is easily made!

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